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Anna Gummesson, Organsiation & Leadership Development, Praktikertjänst

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Anna Gummesson, Organsiation & Leadership Development, Praktikertjänst

“I made a Leader analysis with Leading People. During the feedback, I was coached in what my strengths are and what things I could develop. Everything was summed up in a solid written report, and it was tough reading. Even though I’d already somewhat noticed these sides of me, the good as well as the bad, it was difficult to see it on paper. When I began to reflect, I realised what a fantastic tool the Leader analysis is. It is about how I relate to my leadership profile. I could see a pattern through the choices I have made in life and the things that I do that make people perceive me in a certain way in different situations. The analysis explained the reasoning behind some of my choices and behaviours. Simply said, it is about my basic values and who I am as a person. My basic values are the same today, but now I am aware of them, and thanks to this I can act in a different way. This is a strength. Even other behaviours, for example how I behave under stress, remain. The difference is that I am also more aware of this, which means I am able to handle myself differently. I have gained a better understanding of my reactions in different situations. This means that I can stop myself in time, before I act. The Leader analysis and the report are fantastic tools if you choose to believe and work from them.

I warmly recommend entrusting Leading People if you would like to develop further and my advice to anyone going through the process is to use it long-term for your own development.

Anna Gummeson, Organisational & Leadership Development, Praktikertjänst

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